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  • Mazda MX-30 Introducing The First Ever EV From Mazda (21/04/2021)

      The 2019 Tokyo Motor Show will go down in Mazda history as the location for the global unveiling of its first mass-production electric v...

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  • First-Ever Mazda CX-30 Honoured With 2021 Wheels Car of the Year (2/03/2021)

    Mazda Australia is proud to announce its first-ever Mazda CX-30 SUV has taken the 2021 Wheels Car of the Year. This is the ninth time M...

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  • Mazda's MX Game Changers (7/01/2021)

    WHATS IN A NAME? The all-new MX-30 is the latest in a line of cars Mazda has honoured with the legendary MX prefix, reserved for the manufacture...

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